Swedes will rate the movies by the number of male and female characters


Swedish movie theaters are introducing new rating to evaluate the level of gender bias in the movies. The most famous movies of the world which are already being shown have not passed the test.

According to The Guardian, all the movies have to pass Bechdel's test. To get class "A" rating the movie must have not less than 2 female characters, conversing about something other than males with each other.

"The whole trilogy The Lord of the Rings, all the episodes of the Star Wars, The Social Network, Pulp Fiction and one of Harry Potter films have failed the test," said the director of art-house movie theater Bio Rio in Stockholm Ellen Tejle.

This particular movie theater was one of the first in Sweden to classify the movies on the gender equality scale.

The initiative was taken up by the television channels: Scandinavian cable channel Viasat Film said that it would use the rating in its reviews.

The research shows that, for example, in the American movies the number of female characters comprises only a third of the total.

"Obviously they think in Hollywood that the movies with male heroes will make more money. Besides that most of the movie industry is occupied by males – they make scenarios, direct, produce and so forth. Therefore, it is not surprising that the stories that we see on the screen are about males," considers Amy Bleakley, the researcher of gender component in Hollywood films.

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