Bakhchisarai palace-museum might be included in UNESCO list in 2015


The possibility of including Bakhchisarai historical-cultural reserve in UNESCO world heritage list will be considered in UNESCO headquarters in February 21014.

Several objects of archeology and architecture located at the territory of Bakhchisarai might be the first nominees for inclusion to the World Heritage list: Khan Palace, Chufut-Kale, historical district Salanchik with architectural monuments of Zindjirli madrasah and Khadji-Girey dyurbe. Besides those the following sites could be included to UNESCO list: mausoleums of Eski-Dyurbe, dyurbe Big Octahedron, dyurbe Small Octahedron, dyurbe Mukhammed-Shakh-Bei, and the cubic dyurbe of Akhmed-bei. According to the director of the reserve Valery Naumenko, two nominations have been developed so far – Historical Environment of the Capital of the Crimean Khans in the City of Bakhchisarai and Cave Cities of the Crimean Gothia. The information record of the first nomination is already being examined by the experts in UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The record with the second nomination is currently being developed, which is planned to be finished by the summer of 2015.

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