Mental health of adolescents: international approach

International Practical Conference on the Issues of the Mental Health of Adolescents takes place in Kharkov. According to the organizers, there have never been thematic events of this level in Ukraine before. More than 200 leading experts in the field of general child psychiatry and psychotherapy from Ukraine, Poland and Germany were invited to the conference.

The event was devoted to the creation of the center of psycho-social rehabilitation for the children and adolescents on the base of the regional landscape park Feldman-Ecopark.

"At the moment the problem of the mental health of children in our country is one of the most pressing issues in the healthcare of Ukraine," said the main expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the specializations of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy and honored scientist and technician of Ukraine Boris Mikhailov during the opening of the conference.

The mission of the center of psycho-social rehabilitation center for the children and adolescents Feldman-Ecopark is to solve this problem. "The modern methods and innovative technologies united with multimodal approach will be used in the activity of the center," told Boris Mikhailov in the interview to

The event will last for two days. The programs of treatment of children with various mental impairments and behavior disorders using natural factors and interaction with animals will be considered during the meetings of different sections. The conference will be summarized in a collection of scientific studies, the methodological developments of which will be used in the work of the center.

The conference was organized by the International Charitable Foundation of Alexander Feldman and the National League of Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Medical Psychology of Ukraine.

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