Euromaidan's damage to the capital of Ukraine amounts to tens of millions of hryvnas

According to the statement of the mayor of Kiev to the journalists, Euromaidan insurgents caused several dozens millions of hryvnas worth of devastation in Kiev.

"Preliminarily I can say that it is worth several dozens millions of hryvnas. Yesterday I ordered inspection of the issue. We should have an approximate estimate, plus-minus, fairly soon," said the mayor.

Popov is sure that the damage grows daily, since indirect damage should also be counted.

"The budget revenues decreased, although we usually have increase of budget revenues in the end of December. It is the same in all the cities of Ukraine... Kiev is not different, but now its vice versa. Therefore, thee is not only direct damage, which we can calculate, but also indirect. What's going on has negative influence, we have to consider that as well, and it is bad that it turns out like that. It is bad for the city," said the mayor of Kiev.

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