The Embassy of Lithuania will visit Kiev on December, 14 - 16

For the purpose of the Ukrainian conflict overcoming, the government of the Republic of Lithuania sends to Kiev authorized delegation on December, 14 - 16. The speaker of the commission on EU affairs of the Lithuanian Seimas Pyatras Aushtryavichus will head delegation. It is already known that Ukraine will be visited by the resident of Social Democratic Party of the Domas Petrulis, the chairman of the Order and Justice union Pyatras Grazhulis. Emanuelis Zingeris, Kazis Starkyavichyus (conservative party of "Fatherland Union") and Raymundas Paliukas, Sergeyus Ursulas (Democratic Work Party of Lithuania) will visit "Evromaydan" protesters.

Within the visit, authorized officers will watch over legitimacy of holding secondary elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine. According to the Lithuanian observers, "transparency" of future secondary elections is very doubtful.

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