Two plants of Kharkov region are allowed to supply military equipment to Belarus

The order of the Cabinet of Ministers # 881 dated December 4, 2013 states that PJSC Volchanskiy Assembly Plant and State Enterprise Izum Instrument-Making Plant (both plants of Kharkov region) were included into the list of the foreign economic enterprises, which were granted the right to export military goods.

Having been added to the list, the plants are allowed to export military goods of their own production and to import goods of the military function for the use in their own production. The list was approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on September 26, 2005, No.984 "About the order of supplies of goods in the framework of the agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers and the government of Belarus about the production and the scientific and technical cooperation, and organization of the branches of defense industries".

PJSC Volchanskiy Assembly Plant produces aviation units, units of control of gas-turbine drives of gas-turbine engines, car units, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. The plant produces fuel units, control elements, hydraulic and pneumatic parts for planes and helicopters.

Izum Instrument-Making Plant produces the special-purpose products, optical and photographic equipment, measuring apparatuses, as well as colored and colorless glass of more than 250 brands. The company exports 95% of military products. The special products are used for airplanes, helicopters, tanks, missile complexes, in portable grenade cup discharge and for other military machinery.

Izum Instrument-Making Plant is a part of the state enterprise Ukroboronprom.

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