Korolevskaya: approximately 2 billion UAH is allocated for liquidation of the debts for the sick leaves and the insurance payments

The State Treasury of Ukraine has finally transferred money to liquidate the debts for insurance payments and payments for the sick leaves.

The Minister of Social Policy Natalia Korolevskaya informed that the debt originated in the beginning of December. During the past few days the Treasury transferred about 2 billion UAH for the payment of the sick leaves, including, pregnancy and maternity leaves.

Also the debt for monthly insurance payments to handicapped miners, other people injured on the production and the members of their families was totally liquidated.

"I am convinced that, in spite of the political and economic situation, today it is necessary to ensure social peace in the society because the most vulnerable categories of citizens are dependent on the stability of operation of the system of social protection," Korolevskaya said.

At the same time, according to her, in December the payments of the state allowances are in accordance with the schedules: 86% of the recipients of governmental allowances received the funds to their personal accounts. These are underprovided families, disabled children and people disabled since childhood. The rest 14% will receive their money till December 15.

The pension payments are funded in accordance with the schedules.

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