Must unite to ensure stability in the region - the governor of Lugansk region

Governor of Luhansk region Vladimir Pristyuk urged local politicians, deputies of all levels, civil society organizations and activists to unification - to ensure peace and order in the region.

The statement posted on the official website of Lugansk Regional State Administration.

As Pristyuk stressed, today all residents of the region must be united by a common goal: to stabilize the situation in the country, protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine, the unity of civil society. There is a need to work together for a better life and to raise social standards for the population, rather than “toeing the mark of the political provocateurs, splitting the country

As the head of Lugansk Regional State Administration noted, currently the social and political situation is generally stable, all essential services are operating normally. The authorities are actively working on the local budget for the next year.

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