Opposition supports Lyashko associate in Kiev by-elections

Opposition political parties agreed to support a single candidate in two of the five single-mandate districts that are running by-election for Verkhovna Rada on December 15.

"At this defining for Ukraine moment the opposition parties have decided to support for the 94th district Andrei Lozovoy, the person who showed himself during the organization of EuroMaidan. We appeal to all the voters of 94th district to support his candidacy,” says the statement of the opposition.

At the same time, Lyashko’s “Radical Party” urged voters of 223rd Kiev district to support Yuri Levchenko, a single opposition candidate from Svoboda party, in the elections on December 15.

In the statement the opposition urges to go to the by-elections and vote for a single candidate in each district: Andrew Lozovoy in district 94, Arcadiy Kornatsky - in district 132, Nicholai Bulatetsky - in 194, Leonid Datsenko - in 197 and Yuri Levchenko - in 223.

By-elections in the five “problem” districts will take place on December 15, 2013.

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