EuroMaidan deprives Russian New Year of the famed Crimean sparkling wine

Because of EuroMaidan Russians will have no Crimean sparkling wine for the New Year. Novy Svet winery did not have enough time to issue the necessary export documents due to protesters blocking the government district in Kiev.

According to Yanina Pavlenko, director of the winery, the company failed to get the license from the Ministry of Economy for shipping to Russia five trucks each loaded with 50,000 bottles of sparkling wine.

Given that the average bottle of sparkling wine costs 5 euros, direct losses of the company amounted to 250,000 euros. In addition, 40% of Novy Svet production is supplied to Russia, but because of deteriorating relations with the neighboring country, 25% of the sparkling wine still remains in storage.

“The business of the winery suffers and, accordingly, the state budget suffers, as we’re a state enterprise. And at the time when the situation with Russia is already complicated, we failed to ship five cars because we were unable to get the export license due to the chaos that is going on at Khreschatyk,” said Yanina Pavlenko.

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