Klitschko starts the Presidential campaign?

Head of Udar political party Vitali Klitchko has given a separate press conference at its headquarters, though previously he talked to the journalists together with the opposition leaders - the head of Batkivschyna party Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the head of Svoboda party Oleg Tyahnibok.

"Regardless of the language: Russian or Ukrainian, the region: east or west - every Ukrainian feels deterioration of life! We're talking about the key European standards! And European Maidan is the desire of the people to live according to these standards. This right has been severely violated by using force,” told Vitali to the press.

Klitchko speech resembled an election speech, experts say.

Klitchko position is clear: no negotiations with Yanukovych whatsoever. People should go to Maidan and the West should support the opposition for a “total reset”.

"I want to say that today, having tried to disperse Maidan again, Yanukovych closed the path to any compromise... I am sure that this is the road to destruction of all the negotiations offered by Yanukovych. Technical government that might be created will not change the situation in the country. Only a complete change of the government: the President and all branches of government, can make a difference,” he said.

On the morning of the same day Vitali Yarema of Batkivschyna party, talking in the national resistance headquarters, noted the need for a round table with the President so that “he starts to comply with the demands of the opposition”, while the day before Edward Hurwitz (Udar party) recognized that the government's resignation would suffice.

“People who came to Maidan, came there not for Klitchko... They tell me straight that if I do not defend them, then they will look for another person. We see a lot of support from the outside. It is important that there are calls from civilized nations asking to prevent a violent conflict,” said the boxer-politician.

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