Faction of the Party of Regions fell apart in Lvov City Council

All members of the Party of Regions faction in Lvov City Council resigned, informs the Secretary of Lvov City Council Vasily Pavljuk.

“I was approached by deputies from the Party of Regions, who wrote the statement of resignation from this political force. Therefore, I can conclude that the Party of Regions in Lvov City Council no longer exists. These statements are a reaction of the deputies to the events happening in the country,” said Pavlyuk.

Deputies Vladimir Pasichnik and Tadej Eder wrote a letter of resignation from the Party of Regions faction in Lvov City Council.

Now there is only one non-faction member of the Party of Regions, Pavel Tkachuk. However, the Party of Regions faction itself ceased to exist. According to the regulations of Lvov City Council, a political faction must include at least three members.

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