The leader of Oplot: jobless people or those, whose job is to stand on Maidan, participate in the rally

The leader of Kharkov public organization Oplot Yevgeny Zhilin believes that the participants of Euromaidan are not the people of Ukraine, but the professional rally participants.

As is stated in the message of Zhilin, a regular Ukrainian, who has a permanent job, could not afford to leave everything and go to Kiev, even if he supported the idea of the European integration: people do not believe the politicians and are unlikely to risk and lose their jobs and incomes because of them. Moreover, not everyone has money to get to Kiev and to pay the accommodation and food in the capital of Ukraine. "On the basis of that, I make the conclusion that jobless people or people, whose job is to stand on Maidan, participate in the rally. I call them the professional protesters," the leader of Oplot says.

Zhilin also does not understand the purpose of Euromaidan if the summit in Vilnius ended long time ago and the signing of the agreement with the EU is not possible for Ukraine in the nearest future. The leader of Oplot believes that the situation could be resolved by the all-Ukrainian referendum. The people would decide themselves if Ukraine needs to join the Customs Union or to sign the agreement with the EU. However, the professional protesters do not require the referendum, but want to demonstrate that they support the association with the EU by shouting, blocking the traffic, pogroms and attempts to capture the administrative buildings," Zhilin says.

"Taking into consideration this fact, I make the conclusion that the professional protesters are sure that the referendum about joining the Customs Union or the association with the EU will show that there are less supporters of the association with the EU than of the Customs Union. I am convinced that the leaders of the opposition understand this as well, and just because of this they are afraid and against the referendum."

Also the member of Oplot condemned the participants of Euromaidan for use of force, while calling themselves peaceful demonstrators.

In his opinion, it is a little bit strange for the people, who declared the ideas of democratic values and the European choice, to run over the police with a bulldozer, to capture the buildings, to desecrate and destroy monuments.

Zhilin does not understand the position of Turchinov, Klichko, Yatsenyk, Tyagnubok and Miroshnichenko, who claim that they will stay with the rally until the end. "I remember from the history and movies, how my grandfathers stood till the end, and the meaning of standing till the end for them. To stand till the end meant either to die or to compel the events to develop in the needed direction for them," says the leader of Oplot. "And as long as they are not determined to die for the idea, they cannot influence the will of the President and their words will not touch the hearts of the people."

At the end of the statement Zhilin addressed the President of Ukraine and the armed forces with the plea "to suppress the violation of public order, to show determination in this issue."

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