The EU has equated homosexual and traditional marriages

The highest court of the European Union ruled that homosexual couples should be granted the same privileges and benefits as traditional families. The Court ruling also applies to countries where same-sex marriage is not legalized.

The ruling comes on the suit filed by Frederick Hay, employee of the French bank. He was denied cash bonuses available to all families, even though he entered into “civil solidarity agreement” (PAKS) with his male partner. Civil Solidarity Agreement is a contract concluded under French law, between the two parties (different or the same sex) for organizing their joint life. Persons signing the agreement must be of legal age.

The Court recognized the situation with David Haye as a case of “direct discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation”. Representative of the court noted that the decision means introduction of a new legal standard for all the EU countries.

At the time of Haye filing a claim, same-sex marriages have not yet been legalized in France. The law approving such marriages was signed by the President Francois Hollande in May 2013. After this, the appropriate changes have been introduced to labor legislation.

Majority of the EU countries do not permit same-sex marriage. For example, Croatia, which joined the EU in 2013, conducted an internal referendum where the population voted against gay marriages.

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