The theaters of Kharkov prepared New Year's program

On the threshold of the inexorably approaching New Year the theaters of Kharkov want to please their audience with the New Year concerts and plays. The pleasant surprises are waiting for the adult viewers as well as for the children.

Kharkov National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Named after Lysenko prepared a festive concert New Year Paper Streamer, which will be held on December 29. On December 27 and 29 the visitors of the theater will be able to enjoy a bright and colorful ballet by Tchaikovsky the Nutcracker.

The Christmas Promenade will take place in the Organ Hall of the Kharkov Regional Philharmonic on December 25. This festive concert was prepared for the Kharkov residents and the guests of the city by the creative teams of the philharmonic. The company of folk instruments named 3 +2, the guitar duet called Fiesta, and the Academic Choir named after V. Palkin will participate in the concert. The program of the evening will have the music of Arditi, Strauss, Capua, Larra, Brodskiy, and Falik.

The Academic Choir named after V. Palkin conducted by Andrei Sirotenko will delight their fans with the concert the Christmas Mystery on January 15. The religious Christmas songs of different countries will be performed at the concert.

The New Year Promenade with Virtuoso of Slobozhanshchuna is waiting for the visitors of the Theatrical-Concert Center on December 26 and 27. The Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra Virtuoso of Slobozhanshchuna, soloists Elena Starikova and Alexey Srebnitskiy and the anchor woman Natalia Krukhtina and anchor men Andrei Bordov will give the guests two unforgettable music evenings in the spirit of the Little Blue Light. The program of the concerts has waltzes, galops, polkas, and many musical items performed by the orchestra, soloists and artists of stand-up comics.

On January 11 on the stage of the Theatrical-Concert Center another New Year Promenade with Virtuoso of Slobozhanshchuna will be held. This time together with the orchestra the Honored Artist of Ukraine, the soloist of Kiev National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Elena Shiraeva will sing. The program has the masterpieces of the world classics of opera and operetta and symphonic music by Offenbach, Mascagni, Verdi, Ravel, Brahams, Grieg, Rossini, Kálmán, Zimmer, Stolz, Shvarts, Gershwin, Brune, and Bernstein.

The Kharkov Academic Theater of Music Comedy will show the festive interlude New Year Paper Streamer and the New Year concert in two parts on December 26.

Many interesting events wait for children theater audiences in December as well.

The Kharkov State Academic Puppet Theater named after V. Afanasyev during the winter school holidays will show the play consisting of two parts: the New Year interlude Father Frost Presents the Festival and the declared play. On December 21 and 23 and January 4 the children will enjoy the Golden Key, on December 22 - the Adventures of Dunno, on December 26 and 28 and January 7 – Cinderella, on December 29 - Once upon a Time, on December 30, and January 2, 3, 6 – Wish upon a Pike, on January 5 - The Mysterious Hippo, on January 8 – The Cat's House, on January 9 – The Fire Steel, on January 10 – About the Princes and Princesses, on January 11 – The fairy Tales by Anderson, on January 12 – Once again about the Little Red Riding Hood.

On December 26 the Kharkov Academic Theater of Music Comedy will present the musical Peter Pan, and on December 28 and 30 the revue for children At the Fairy Tale's.

In the Kharkov Theater of the Young Spectator during the winter school holidays the plays The New Year is Knocking at the Door!!! consisting of the New Year interlude and the best plays of the theater will be held. On December 22 and 27 the little audience will be able to watch the play The Secret of the Snow Queen, on December 24 - How Koschei married Vasilisa, on December 25 - The Funny Adventures of Dunno, on December 26 - The Night before Christmas, on December 28 - The Birthday of the Cat Leopold, on December 29 and 30 - The Twelve Months.

In Kharkov National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater the first night of the musical play The Little Red Riding Hood will take place on December 28, and on December 30 the children will watch the fairy plays The Magician Harry and the Snow Queen and The New Year Adventures of Buratino.

At the philharmonic the young viewers will enjoy the New Year musical play based on a fairy tale That's a Buratino! on December 28, 29 and 30.

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