The stations of free examination for tuberculosis will be opened in the heart of Kiev

On December 12-14 the stations of examination for tuberculosis will work in the heart of Kiev, where all Kiev residents and the guests of the city will have the possibility to be examined free of charge.

The stations of examination for tuberculosis will work on December 12-14. As Kiev City State Administration told to UNIAN news agency, medical mobile stations would be open from 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the following addresses: Kreschatyk Street, 36 and Maidan Nezalejnosti, 2.

In the stations it will be possible to make an X-ray, to consult a physician and, if necessary, to check the phlegm for the presence of bacillus Kochii.

The event will be held by the Department of Healthcare of Kiev City State Administration. Professionals remind that tuberculosis is extremely dangerous, but curable disease, and call on the residents of Kiev and guests of the city to take advantage of the opportunity and to undergo preventive X-ray examination.

A few days ago the body of the elderly resident of Lvov, who died from an open form of tuberculosis, was found on Euromaidan.

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