ENEMO observers fear that Euromaidan will disrupt the reelection in Kiev

Although the rallies do not relate directly to the reelection in five single-mandated districts, ENEMO expresses serious concern about the security situation in Kiev.

Such a statement was made by the observers of the European Network of Election Monitoring (ENEMO) during the presentation of the preliminary report.

The Head of the Mission Dinara Oshurakhunova noted: "ENEMO appeals to all the key parties of the electoral process, as well as to those, who make decisions, to take all the necessary measures to ensure security and freedom of movement of voters, especially on the day of the voting".

According to the information of ENEMO observers, provided in the report, at least 59 per cent of the membership of divisional election committees and 55 per cent of the membership of district election committees was changed as of December 10, 2013.

The long-term observers’ coordinator Elmir Tsamich believes that an unbalanced composition of district and divisional electoral committees, as well as the presence of the members, which did not have special training, may become a cause of violations during the voting and counting of votes on the day of the elections.

In addition, the observers of ENEMO reported the cases of anti-agitation, the abuse of administrative resource and bribery of the voters.

"ENEMO expressed concern about lack of effective sanctions, which can be applied in case of violation of the order of conducting the preelection campaign, and calls upon the courts and the Central Election Committee to act according to the legislation in such cases," Elmir Tsamich commented.

Let us remind that the elections in the five critical districts will be held on December 15, 2013.

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