Ukraine responded to Okean Elzy

It is suggested to check all the Russian artists In Ukraine. According to the press service of the deputy, the head of the Committee on the Issues of Culture and Spirituality of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Viacheslav Kirilenko addressed the Ministry of Incomes and Taxes with the request to carry out the immediate inspection of all the Russian singers and bands touring in Ukraine.

The authority is suggested to check the Russian singers in order to control that they have the necessary documentation allowing them to work in Ukraine and also the documentation confirming that the fees for the touring activities on the territory of Ukraine have been duly paid.

It has became known today that the day before the officials of Saratov Regional Administration of the Federal Immigration Authority of the Russian Federation  accused the musicians of the Ukrainian band Okean Elzy, who gave the concert in Saratov on November 2, of the violation of the Russian migration legislation and fined the musicians 18,000 rubles for illegal work. The organizers of the concert were also fined 225,000 rubles for “illegal involvement of the foreign migrants into labor".

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