“Naftogaz” will not supply Poland with the Ukrainian gas anymore

The Ukrainian gas will not be supplied to Poland till 2020. In Warsaw the National Joint-Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine (NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine) and the Polish company PGNiG have made an arrangement regarding the termination of the agreement according to which Poland has been purchasing Ukrainian gas.

Cancellation of this agreement, which was valid till 2020, is connected with the changes of the internal legislation of Ukraine. In accordance with the new legislation all the natural gas which is produced in Ukraine must be used only to satisfy the internal neds of the country.

It is significant that Ukraine practically has not been supplying Poland with gas since 2011.

In October 2004 NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and PGNiG concluded the contract for building of the middle-pressure pipeline Ustilug (Ukraine) – Khrubeshuv (Poland) to provide the southwestern parts of Poland with gas. The building of the pipeline was finished in September 2005.

I order to fulfill intergovernmental arrangements the agreement about the gas supplies via this pipeline between NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and PGNiG was signed in October 2004. According to the contract the Ukrainian state holding company must supply PGNiG with natural gas of the Ukrainian or Central Asian origin.

Supplies according to this contract were insignificant and beginning with 2011 the gas supplies were terminated in spite of the statement of PGNiG about the necessity of renewal of the supplies.

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