Holland wants to provide “sexual asylum” for Russians

The Minister of External Affairs of Netherlands Frans Timmermans while commenting the Russian law about the propaganda of homosexuality among children said that Holland may start providing asylum to the people with non-traditional sexual orientation from Russia. The high-rank Dutch official sees such a law as “discrimination of minorities” that may become the ground for granting the asylum in his country to the people with the non-traditional sexual orientation.

It is noteworthy that Timmermans criticized the Russian legislation several days before the beginning of the state visit of the Dutch monarch couple to Russia. The King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will arrive in Moscow to celebrate the 400th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

In State Duma of the Russian Federation the statement of the Minister of International Affairs of Netherlands was called “odd”. According to the Head of the State Duma Committee for the Issues of Families, Mothers and Children Elena Mizulina, the Russian law on the prohibition of gay propaganda among minors has nothing to do with the violation of the citizens’ rights.

Mizulina is convinced that in such an awkward way the Dutch are just trying to smother up a scandal with the intrusion into the apartment of the Russian diplomat.

In the beginning of October people in camouflage broke into the apartment of the counseling ambassador of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Hague Dmitriy Borodin, beat him, enchained in handcuffs and took him to the precinct. There the diplomat was kept almost till the morning and then released without any explanations.

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