Free courses of Russian for migrants will be opened in Krasnoyarsk


The scientific municipal library and Pedagogical University of Krasnoyarsk have organized the courses in Krasnoyarsk for all those who want to master the Russian language. The Russian language will be taught to the migrants by the senior students and the classes will be held in the library halls. There will be several groups: depending on the level of the initial background the groups will be divided according to the level of knowledge and duration of the courses.

According to the data of the regional department of the Federal Migration Authority, more than 140,000 foreigners have been registered since the beginning of the year. The officials have remarked that starting with 2015 all the foreigners will have to provide a certificate confirming the knowledge of the Russian language before their employment.

The political expert and the head of the Institute of the Middle East Evgeny Satanovsky thinks that the demographic situation in Russia compels the involvement of the migrants.

“We are the second country after the United States by the quantity of the migrants on our territory. We do not have the problems with the migrants like in Europe because the labor migration takes place in Russia. Here no one pays crazy allowances to the migrants including illegal ones, their wives, children and relatives brought from Somali, Sudan or Pakistan. We do not have ethnic enclaves of such types of the migrants. And strictly speaking if compared not only to Europe but even to the United States the problems with the migrants are minimal,” the expert considers.

At the same time according to his words, the situation will get worse. “We have 2-2.5 million of Uzbeks, 1-1.5 million of Tajiks, 400-800 thousand of Kyrgyz – these are the main groups of the migrants. And it is clear this situation will become aggravated, although the officials do not want to admit it. The country is becoming depopulated. The holy place is never empty,” the political expert expressed his confidence.

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