Ukraine is supplied with only 30 percent of the ambulances

“Medical institutions of Ukraine are supplied with the ambulances by less than 30 percent,” the director of the Department of Reform and Development of the Medical Service of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine Nikolai Khobzei stated.

The official remarked that after the bidding procedure for the purchase of the ambulances was finished the percentage would increase twofold – to 60 percent. According to his words, the increase in the number of the ambulances will help to improve the medical aid.

“When it is the matter of minutes that can cost lives everyone realizes how important it is,” Khobzei summarized.

The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine has chosen the winners of the competitive bidding for the government purchasing of the ambulances. The head of the administration of the government purchases of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine Galina Dovganich remarked that all in all the Ministry received 17 offers from 5 manufacturers. Since the competitive environment was created for all the offers, the opportunity to buy more vehicles and equipment for the saved money appeared.

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