Wide audience will watch the movie Geographer Has Boozed Away his Globe already today

The national premiere of one of the most important movies of the year – Geographer Has Boozed Away his Globe – will take place on November 7 in different cities of Russia. The first city of demonstration is Yekaterinburg.

In the capital of Ural the movie will be presented by the famous Ural writer Alexey Ivanov, the author of the novel with the same name, on which the movie is based.

The movie, which made an overwhelming impression on the Russian and foreign film critics long before it was released, was named the most important premiere of the year. During the summer the movie got numerous awards on prestigious film festivals including the grand prix on Kinotavr.

The movie director is Alexander Veledinskiy, with Konstantin Khabensky playing the lead. The critics have already named his acting in this movie as the best one in his career. The producer and the script writer of the movie is Valery Todorovsky.

As Veledinsky has acknowledged, The Geographer has become the continuation of the tradition in the Russian literature and in the national cinematography.

“These are absolute traditions which go back to the characters created by Gogol, Chekhov, Oblomov by Goncharov and to the Soviet classics – Vampilov, the movies by Balayan Autumn Marathon, Live to See Monday, and to many other outstanding movies,” said the film director in the interview given to RIA Novosti. Veledinsky has also remarked that he was shooting the movie first of all about himself.

“About the things that are kind and dear to me, though I have never gone hiking before in my life. But the film is not about hiking, not about school, not about a teacher, not about a drunkard, not about a geographer, and not about a globe. And what is there in the movie? What is your film about? It is about nothing! In reality everything is easy: the movie is about love. There hasn't been a movie about love for a long time. About love in private sense, in gender sense, and about love in a higher meaning,” emphasized the film director.

The writer Ivanov has already watched the movie based on the novel Geographer Has Boozed Away his Globe” together with the shooting team. He is very satisfied with the result, which is the exceptional case. The movie attracted him in spite of the fact that the events in the movie had been shifted ten years forward compared to the events in the novel, into the beginning of the second millennium. Alexey Ivanov thinks that the acting turned out to be very organic. Alexey commented the acting of staring Konstantin Khabensky shortly: “It is very heartful”.

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