Russian march took place in Simferopol in honor of the Day of the Russian Unity

About 800 people took part in the Russian march in Simferopol. The people who gathered burnt the flag of the European Union and encouraged to join the Customs union.

The march took place not on November, 4, the National Unity Day, but on November, 3. The columns of the Russian and Cossack organizations and those who joined them were going along the central streets of the Crimean capital accompanied by the drum roll. Young people were carrying a huge cloth of the Russian tricolor, while the columns were singing songs of the war years. At the head of the column a big banner with the sign "People of the Crimea are for the Customs Union" was carried. After the torch-light procession along the central streets the columns headed to the foundation stone of the monument to Catherine the Great who had appended the Crimea to Russia.

“This is really the day of the national unity. We live on our own territory. We have one blood, one culture, one language. This is our territory and our motherland. We want Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians to be brothers. Sometimes brothers can be wrong, but they always remain brothers. That is why now at this difficult moment when the politicians are trying to separate us and to make us enemies we need to unite, consolidate and go out all together to protect our idea, our territory, our motherland, our culture, our language,” was declared during small meeting which was held in the park near the foundation stone.

During the meeting several young people tried to burn and trample down the flag of the European Union.

Today a similar march is planned to take place in the hero city Sevastopol.

As for Nikolayev, the Russian march was pelted with smoke boxes. During the march along Nikolskaya street the columns faced a small group of the representatives of the political party Svoboda who were shouting the slogans “Death to the occupants”, “Ukraine will be free”, “Suitcase – station – Russia”. The police officers, who were safeguarding the march, detained the nationalists and put them into the police vehicle.

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