Kwaśniewski: the chances to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU are fifty-fifty

The personal correspondent of UNIAN news agency informs that Alexander Kwasniewski at the press conference in Brussels stated that the chances to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU are fifty-fifty. "We meant a more easy way, but the President chose another way," Kwasniewski added meaning the fact that the Ukrainian government does not plan to release Tymoshenko, but considers the opportunity to adopt the law about the treatment of the prisoners abroad. He added that from the political point of view he realized that "all this is very complicated, and now I would assess the chances for the signing of the agreement as fifty-fifty."

Pierre Cox in his turn added that the next week the mission of Cox-Kwaśniewski would arrive in Ukraine for the 27th time. "We will stay here as long as it will be needed. Our patience was tested very well, but our goodwill remains steadfast," he emphasized.

The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz informed that the destiny of the mission of Cox-Kwaśniewski after the summit in Vilnius was still not yet determined. Kwasniewski stressed that after the failure in Vilnius it would be possible to come back to the discussion of the agreement only in two years. "There will be the elections of the European Parliament in 2014, then the elections of the new representatives of the European Commission, and then the elections of the President in 2015 in the Ukraine," Kwasniewski said answering the question of the Polish journalists.

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