It is planned to set up miniature Kharkov landmark points for the blind

Sergei Chechelnitsky, chief architect of the city of Kharkov, has talked about his new project, which will allow blind people to "see" the local landmark items. For a start, Chechelnitsky plans to create a miniature (1:500) copy of the Constitution Square, which will include the Independence monument, Uspensky Cathedral and surrounding buildings. The architect did not specify when the project would be implemented.

Sergei Chechelnitsky noted that this idea came to him after a trip to Europe, where such a practice had been in existence for a long time: "in central squares, in beautiful places of European cities, there are bronze models of monuments, buildings, churches, etc., installed at a table height. This is done to ensure that the blind can "see" each object because they only hear how we describe the building or monument to them. The miniatures are signed with Braille alphabet. We also want to apply such a method in Kharkov, so that a blind person could touch the model to feel how the object looks, to understand where the building is higher or lower, that is, to create a certain image in their mind”.

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