Toxic substances are stored in the sea near Kerch


Containers with chemical weapons are buried in the sea in two locations near Kerch. The containers should have been buried in the sea at a safe distance from the shore during the implementation of the program of destruction of the Soviet inventory of chemical weapons. For reasons unknown that has never happened and now the containers full of poisonous substances rest in Kerch strait at the depth of less than 100 meters.

According to the newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli, these regions in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are marked as off-limits for anchoring, fishing using seafloor gears, underwater dredging and blasting and navigating with veered anchor chain.

There are two burial sites: the immediate water area of Kerch and the water area of Tobechik Lake. The sarcophaguses could be moved by the storms under the passing vessels, which could cut through the sheathing of the containers, resulting in an ecocatastrophe.

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