Ukrainian deputy: the EU can give more credits to Ukraine than Russia




According to the statement of the people's deputy from Batkivschina faction Alexander Turchinov on the air of the TVi television channel, the Ukrainian authorities have changed the general line in foreign policy from Russia to the European Union because the EU and the IMF can issue more loans than the Russian Federation.

"The general line was changed because the European Union and the IMF can open a greater credit line than Russia," said Turchinov.

He also mentioned that due to the economic crisis the economy might collapse in Ukraine and in this case "the communists and the representatives of the Russian Federation will blame it on the signed agreement with the EU".

"And collapse of the economy and the signed agreement are completely unrelated events," said Alexander Turchinov.

According to him, the economy might collapse because the authorities incur too much debt and "this financial pyramid must collapse in the nearest future".

"They raise credits everywhere: externally, they actually issue promissory notes instead of payments for energy, the banking system is stuffed with the bonds of domestic government loan. So in fact the credits are overlapping each other," remarked the people's deputy.

The group of the IMF experts lead by Nikolay Georgiev visited Kiev during October 17-29. As a result of the mission the IMF published a list of recommendations for Ukraine, including increase of tariffs for gas, relaxing hryvna exchange rate control and limitations of the wage fund in the budget sector.

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