EuroMaidan threatens the autonomy of the Crimea

Presidium of the Supreme Council of Crimea declares that the status of the autonomous region is under the threat and encourages its residents to mobilize in order to preserve the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. This is stated in Presidium’s address to the Crimeans.

“The Autonomy is in danger! Be prepared to stand up to defend it!” the document says. "In these days, without exaggeration, the fate of Ukraine is being decided, together with the fate of the autonomy. This means our fate, too. Using the technologies of "color revolutions", the organizers of Kiev riots seek to seize power in the country by whatever means”, reads the document.

“Knowing the instigators and sponsors of this criminal scenario, we can confidently assert that the destructive processes will primarily affect the autonomous status of the Crimea. We are in danger of losing everything that we gained with such difficulty during the existence of our republic. We will lose the right to speak, write, receive education in Russian, native language for the majority of the Crimeans,” believe the Crimean deputies.

“Today, the Crimea faces a choice: either tolerate violent Maidan-induced forces or to give a resolute rebuff to anti-government and anti-Crimean forces,” notes the statement.

As was reported earlier, the Crimean Tatars go to Kiev in large numbers in order to join peaceful anti-government protests. According to the deputy chairman of the Mejlis Akhtem Chiygoza, currently there are more than 100 of the Crimean Tatars at Kiev’s EuroMaidan.

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