Australia abolishes same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage legalization lasted less than two months. High Court of Australia ruled that a law to legalize same-sex marriage was passed by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in violation of federal law and, therefore, is invalid. The corresponding statement was published on the High Court’s website on December 12.

As the document explains, the law adopted in Canberra is at odds with federal Marriage Act of 1961, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Although the country's constitution does not prohibit same-sex marriages, the federal law is a "full and complete statement of the marriage law,” the document says.

According to the Court, only the Parliament can legalize same-sex marriages. Australian Parliament considered the relevant draft law in 2012 but did not approve the paper.

The same-sex marriage law was passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory on October 22, 2013. Thus, the ACT was the first Australian region that decided to legalize same-sex marriages. Besides the capital, similar intentions were announced in Tasmania and New South Wales.

Since the adoption of the law the ACT registered 27 same-sex unions, reports Agency France-Presse. According to the Court, they will have to be canceled.

On December 11 the Supreme Court of India has recognized same-sex marriage as illegal.

Currently, same-sex marriages are allowed in 15 countries, including the Netherlands, France, Scandinavian states, Brazil and New Zealand. In the United States, Mexico and the UK same-sex marriages are allowed at the regional level.

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