In Nikolayev region an official made a walkway out of memorial plaques for the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War


In the urban village Kazanka in Nikolayev region memorial plaques with cut surnames of fallen soldiers were used for the construction of paved walkway. The residents of the village say that the walkway leads straight across the barren to the house of the head of the village Natalya Palahich.

"This year the residents of the territorial community have collected money to reconstruct the memorial complex to the soldiers-liberators, fallen during the Great Patriotic War, that is located on Mira Street in the center of Kazanka. The leaders of the village council decided to use the memorial plaques, which were removed during the repair works, in such a barbarian way: to pave the walkway with them. The law enforcement agencies had to interfere with this situation," reported the residents of Kazanka.

It is noteworthy that Kazankovsky regional court has earlier returned Natalya Palanich guilty of administrative infraction connected with corruption. However, after the trial the head of the village council retained executive position in defiance of the law.

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