There will be no chief conductor in Kharkov opera

On November 11 the chief conductor of Kharkov National Theater of Opera and Ballet Named after Lysenko Vitaly Kutsenko told the journalists that the position of the chief conductor is abolished in the theater starting with December 23. According to him, the management of the theater has duly notified him of the reduction of the position of chief conductor in accord with the labor laws and offered to write the letter of resignation from the theater due to reduction of the position.

Kutsenko has no plans of leaving the theater. "I have a lot of creative plans and ideas, for example, now the theater is working on the premiere of Otello, which will be staged on November 21. If I am transferred to another position, I will work in that position," added the conductor.

He has also mentioned that what the theater needs is the chief conductor, but not a musical or artistic director, for example. These types of positions are typical for palaces of culture, which feature many different groups. "I am not an opponent of nominating the chief conductor via vacancy contest.  This is a normal situation for the theater, since we hire actors and musicians this way. But how can there be any position contest if there is no vacancy due to reduction of the position. Perhaps there will be vacancy contest for a new position of artistic director. Let it remain a mystery if I plan to participate in it," said Kutsenko.

The director of the theater Liubov Morozko said that "if a person has no strength to participate in the contest to engage in even competition, but wants to have this position for life, we will have to abolish the old position and organize a new one". She said that the position of "musical director of the theater" would be created, the responsibilities of the occupant of which would be wider than those of the chief conductor. Kutsenko can participate in the contest for that position. As to the reasons of the conflict, Morozko said that Vitaly Kutsenko put his interests above those of the theater.

Vitaly Kutsenko, who was born on June 6, 1939 in the village Martovaya in Kharkov region, is a Meritorious Artist of Ukraine, author of scientific publications on conducting and vocal art. He has been the chief conductor of Kharkov Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet Named after Lysenko since 1997.

The auditorium of the theater seats 1,500 spectators. Around 50 operas and ballets, mostly the Ukrainian and Russian classics, as well as Italian operas, comprise the repertoire of the theater, specifically, Lysenko, Musorgsky, Gulak-Artiomovsky, Chaikovskiy, Rakhmaninov, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Verdi, Rossini, Guno, Leonkavallo, Adan, Amirov and Sen-Sans. The children repertoire includes the musical productions of famous fairy-tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Nutcracker. The theater also features concert programs performed by representatives of opera and ballet.

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