Reconstructors have reproduced the defense of the hero city near Sevastopol

During the last weekend historical military reconstruction devoted to defense of the city in 1941-1942 took place in the village of Balaklava near Sevastopol. More than 120 people from 20 clubs and 15 cities of Ukraine participated in the event, which they called a requiem battle.

This kind of requiem battle has been held in Balaklava for a third consecutive year. At first the reconstructors go on a many-day hike, using only those daily items that were available in 1941-42, and then reconstruct the battle at the site of the History of Motherland Club in Balaklava.

"We go on this complicated hike with all our arms because we want to adequately recreate the beginning of the defense of Sevastopol in 1941," explained the organizer of the event Yury Mishin.

Modern but stylized equipment was used during the battle, while the airplanes for the dogfight were supplied by the aviation club of Sevastopol.

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