Russian fisticuffs took place in Simferopol

The fisticuffs took place on the premises of the mansion house of the academician Palas in the park Vorontsovka in Simferopol. This is the first event in the sequence of the forthcoming events that will take place on the premises of the mansion house on the regular basis.

As was explained by the event managers from the center of the Slavic culture Native Origins (Rodnye Istoki) the fisticuffs represent the Russian military competitive tradition in the form of the game.

The visitors of the event were involved in the traditional activities of the ancestors: singing and round dancing, playing ancient Slavic games.

“Since the ancient times the Crimea was populated with different nations and every nation had contributed a part of its culture. Those cultural contributions were embodied not only in architecture, archeology and monumental art but also in the various traditions,” emphasized the chairman of the Republican Committee of the Crimea in the Affairs of Cultural Legacy Larisa Opanasiuk.

Not long ago the mansion house of the academician Palas was rented by the craft town under the aegis of the Craft Union of the Blacksmiths of the Crimea. The Blacksmiths promised not only to renovate the historical manor but also to open the school of the blacksmith craft for children on the premises of the mansion.

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