The Ukrainian movie about the saint Luka was awarded with the prize of the President of Belarus

The movie Luka shot by the Ukrainian motion-picture company Patriot-Film received the award of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for humanism and spirituality in cinematography on the 22nd film festival Listopad in Minsk.

The movie was shot by the Ukrainian motion-picture company with the support of the Ukrainian and Belarus church hierarchs. The movie is dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of The Christening of Rus. The biographical film is based on the memories of the archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church and a talented surgeon of the Great Patriotic War Valentin Feliksovich Voino-Yasenetsky.

It took 4 years to shot the movie Luka. The Russian actor Vitaly Bezrukov was starring for the main role, while the junior years were acted by Andrey Saminin. Ekaterina Guseva acted the part of the wife of the world-famous surgeon.

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