The State Emergency Agency denies the presence of chemical weapons in the Black Sea

The State Emergency Agency of Ukraine claims that there are no chemical weapons left since the Great Patriotic War in the Black Sea near the shores of the Crimea. During the press-conference in Kiev the head of the State Emergency Agency of Ukraine Mikhail Bolotskikh stated that so far the agency had inspected 12 spots in which according to some information chemical weapons could have been located, but in none of them chemical weapons were found.

“Trust us that we together with ecologists and the other organizations are constantly monitoring the situation which is not a secret and we are constantly collecting the samples and at the moment the test results show no exceeding figures,” he added.

According to his words the situation is under constant control of his agency and ecologists.

Earlier press has informed that several containers of Soviet chemical weapons were found in Kerch strait at the depth of less than 100 meters. The Crimean ecologists have fears that Soviet chemical weapons that were buried in the course of the program of destruction of the inventory of chemical agents could leak into the water. The scientists claim that the barrels in which the chemical weapons are stored are not strong enough and besides that the burial depth does not correspond to the existing norms.

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