Assembly of the country's Christmas tree began in Kiev

The assembly of the main Christmas tree of Ukraine started at Maidan Nezalejnosty in Kiev. The construction consists of 30 tons of metal supports.

"Since the transportation, unloading and installation take a lot of time we began in the middle of November to make it on time. Tomorrow we will install the central column of the future tree," said the deputy director of the department of culture of Kiev City Administration Evgeny Bondar.

It was decided not to make new Christmas tree, but to use the one from the last year; that is why the carcass stored at the warehouse is spotted with rust. The reason for the same tree to be standing in Maidan for the second year in a row is quite trivial: there is no money in the treasury for the New Year's holidays. Therefore, the illumination and the decorations will be exactly the same as during the previous Christmas holidays.

The New Year's beauty will be finally assembled in the middle of December.

The traditional and ceremonial lighting of the New Year's lights is promised to take place on December 19 – St. Nicholas day.

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