New Maidan waits for Ukraine

Ukrainian opposition has announced that it will gather new Maidan on November 24 in Kiev. A mass national act against the President Viktor Yahukovych and for the agreement with the EU will be held in the capital.

The head of Batkivschina faction Arseny Yatseniuk  announced the above plan during the briefing about the results of the mission of Kox and Kwasnevsky and after a futile special session of Verkhovna Rada.

"On November 24 we urge everyone to come to the protest action in Kiev. This will be a national action! We call on all the public organizations and all the residents of Kiev to participate in the action! We already have preliminary information about the participation of the organization of Yury Lutsenko in this action. We urge everyone to participate in the action in order for it not to be political," said Yatseniuk.

The head of the faction Svoboda Oleg Tyagnibok and the leader of faction Udar Vitaly Klitchko promised to take their followers to Maidan as well.

"It is known that the project of the resolution regarding sanctions against certain political figures was registered in the US Senate. Its passing was postponed," reminded Yatseniuk. "However, if the agreement is not signed, Tymoshenko will stay in prison. And besides the economic collapse and pressure from the side of Russia we will also get sanctions against this regime."

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