The works of young residents of the Crimea will be sent to contest in Moscow

Regional stage of children creative contest The Beauty of God's World was completed in the Crimea. The winners of the stage will represent the Crimea during the final of the contest in Moscow. The jury selected six best works of young Crimean artists.

Moscow Patriarchy is the founder of children creative contest The Beauty of God's World. The final of the contest will be held in January 2014 in Moscow in the framework of 21st International Christmas Educational Readings 'Orthodox Tradition and Dialogue of Cultures in the Modern World'.

The contest, open for participation to the children not older than 16, is held in all the cities of the former Soviet Union. The international children contest The Beauty of God's World is aimed at spiritual and moral education of children, which assists seeing the surrounding world in light of orthodox worldview, and at familiarization of young artists with the world culture, especially orthodox culture, which fosters and preserves moral principles, love of family, home, friends and Motherland in the younger generation.

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