The World Bank will allocate funds on automated control system for Kharkov heat supply

The World Bank will allocate funds for setting up an automated control system of heat supply in Kharkov, informs Sergei Andreyev, director of the municipal company “Kharkov thermal networks” (KTN). “Today we see the coolant parameters (pressure, temperature and flow), only at the nodal points of our heating system. The funds of the World Bank will be used to install new sensors and flow-meters. In future, this will ensure that an operator at central control room station will see the whole image of Kharkov, right down to every building. I'm not even talking that we'll see coolant parameters at all backbone networks,” said Andreev.

According to the expert, the system will save natural gas, in parallel ensuring fast troubleshooting procedures for failures and accidents. "The system will ensure instant identification of problems. Currently we identify them by inspecting on foot, simply knowing the basic direction,” said Andreev.

He clarified that the World Bank will fund the development for three years’ period. The payback period is about three years too. The central control room of the new system will be installed on the site of Kharkov thermal power plant No. 3.

“We run a similar project - setting up an automatic accounting system - at the TPP No.3. We installed heat and gas meters on all outputs and inputs and can calculate the operating parameters for the station. The data is transmitted to the central room where you can see how much gas the station consumes and how much heat it produces. This saves gas. For example, the operator sees that the ambient temperature has increased, while the gas consumption remains the same. This means that the local operators did not have time to react and they need to be prompted. We installed this system on TPP No. 3 using our money,” notes Andreev.

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