Kharkov-based Turboatom developed a super-turbine for nuclear power plants

The designers of Turboatom developed a 1250 MW steam turbine K-1250-6,8/25, reports the press office of the plant. The turbine unit is designed for a new-generation nuclear power units with WWER-TOC reactor (Water-Water Energetic Reactor, Typical, Optimized, Computerized model). The new turbine is based on the already well-proven, but smaller capacity (1000 MW) unit with up to 1,500 rpm speed. These turbines are also called the “low-speeds”.

According to the press office, K-1250 turbine includes a combined high/medium pressure cylinder and two double-flow low-pressure cylinders. Efficiency of the turbine unit is at least 37.5%, overhaul period - over six years. The design utilizes high-duty cast-welded rotors of high and low pressure that are not susceptible to stress corrosion.

As noted at the Turboatom, the WWER-TOC reactors feature high level of autonomy for the nuclear power plant when operating in emergency modes, as well as low volume of solid radioactive waste and emissions. Operating life of the units is 60 years. The reactors of this type are planned for replacement of the retiring power units at older plants, such as Kursk nuclear power plant in Russia.

Turboatom produces turbines for thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power plants. Since the launch, the plant exported its production to 45 countries.

The company started manufacturing turbines for nuclear power plants in the 1970s. In 1982-1985 Turboatom had mastered the production of 1,000 MW steam turbines for Zaporozhye, Balakovo and Rostov NPP.

The company estimates its 2013 turnover at UAH 2 billion - 20% up on the year before. 55% of the plant’s production is exported. The 2013 turnover was planned at UAH 2.5 billion. The company employs about 6 thousand personnel.

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