Austria suggests to the residents of Kharkov to purchase two ancient violins

On October, 23 the president of Kharkov Regional Fund of Investments Igor Tuluzov made a statement in the press-centre of Kharkov Regional Administration about the plans to open a fund of rare musical instruments in Kharkov. According to his words the preliminary negotiations with the potential participants of the project have been held. There are already examples in Kharkov when the sponsors purchased the musical instruments for the city. It should be noted that the creation of the fund it is a profitable investment due to the fact that the rare violins are constantly getting more and more expensive. The price of the famous unique violins is rather high and can constitute up to millions of dollars.

Tuluzov noted that on November, 19 the violinist Mikhail Zakharov will participate in the concert which will take place in Kharkov. The potential participants of the fund creators are invited to the concert in order to experience the sounds of the musical instruments. The Austria Musical Agency of Marcel Richters have provided the violins of the Italian maestros of the 18th century such as Dominic Montaniar and Giuseppe Galliano. “I cannot name the exact price of the violins provided by the agency: one is more expensive, another is cheaper. Such violins may cost about 50,000 dollars. In case these violins will not be approved the agency can suggest other violins,” – Tuluzov remarked.

As the director of the Kharkov Regional philharmonic Yrii Yanko noted the creation of such fund will be not only a remarkable event in the musical life of the city but will also give the new opportunities for the pedagogues to teach their students using the extra class instruments.

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