Bikeways will appear all over Kharkov

The city authorities worked out the concept of construction of the bikeways in Kharkov taking into consideration the bikers requests.

Tatiana Ovinnikova the deputy of the city mayor in the affairs of city development, architecture and land matters says: “Of course there are problematic parts on which it is impossible to arrange the bikeways for the bikers. Nevertheless the main requests of the bikers have been taken into consideration. The sketches and the schemes are available and we can work with them. Everything cannot be built at one moment, but as the streets reconstruction will be done the bikeways will need to be planned. ”

According to the information of Igor Zhdanuk the viсe-director of the Department of Construction and Roads, the bikeways are being constructed in the city in such streets as Gagarin Avenue and also on the crossing of such streets as Pushkin and Vesnina. There is a test marking of the bikeway from the Vesniana Street to Artem Street. Due to the experience of this test bikeway the specialists together with bikers will calculate the ideal width for such bikeways.

According to Ovinnikova, the scheme of the bikeways will cover he whole city and all of the bikeways will meet in the district of opera and ballet and Shevchenko garden.

In 2012 three new marked bikeways appeared in Kharkov. The total length of these bikeways is 14 kilometers. According to Denis Darmostuk, the director of Kharkov regional organizational methodological center of tourism, the starting point of the itineraries is in the district of the Lisa Gora near the municipal cemetery # 8.

The first itinerary is marked with red color. It stretches for 5 kilometers and it is for bikers as well as for pedestrians. The itinerary ends in the Lager Street. The bike itinerary to the Okruzhnaya Street is marked yellow and stretches for 3 kilometers. The itinerary to the Saltov residential area to the supermarket “Karavan” is marked blue. It streaches for 6.5 kilometers. Darmostuk also reminded of the fact that in August the first bikeway from Zalutino to the National memorial complex “Vusota Marshala Koneva” was introduced by the tourist centre. This bikeway length is 17 kilometers.

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