The third International Theatre Festival “Teatronik” has opened in Kharkov

The third International Theatre Festival “Teatronik” of the variety show has opened in Kharkov which will last till November, 15. During five days actors from Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Moldova, Israel, Bulgaria and Germany will present their plays in front of Kharkov audience. The exposition of the banner of the international designer theatre “Live” (“Zhuvu”) will take place in the frame work of the festival. The honorable guest of the “Teatronik” festival has become its mentor, a theatre historian and a play writer from Germany, Nina Mazur.

The organizers note that the festival “Teatronik” is the integration of the Ukrainian theatre into European cultural context, possibility to see interesting projects and talented performances.

During the three years about fifty theatre companies from twenty countries of the CIS and of the world participated in the festival.

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