Days of Georgian cinematography will take place in Ukraine

The ninth film festival of the new Georgian cinematography will take place in the movie house “Zhovten” on November 23-27. Nine movies will be represented in the program among which one can watch documentary and feature films.

The film festival will start with the premiere of the film “Tangerines” by Zaza Urushadze. The film depicts the complicated situation during the war in Abkhazia. By the twist of fate a wounded Georgian soldier and a Chechen hit man get into the house of the Estonian in search of shelter and help. The heroes of the film go through the moments of military conflict and human relations. The film director was awarded in the nomination “The best film director” for this work during the film festival in Warsaw that took place this year in October.

The drama “As White as Salt” tells the story of the lonely 35-year-old Nana who works on one of the resorts of the Black Sea every summer season and saves money to open a small café in her native town. Sometimes, she goes out with the policeman Niko. Niko is a refugee from Abkhazia. Out of a sudden the homeless girl Sopo appears in the life of Nana and Niko. The girl is trying to bring hope for the better into the lives of the people surrounding her.

The main hero of the film “Street Days” is the drug addict. He needs to make an important choice in his life. The corrupted policemen suggest that he should insult the 16-year-old son of his friend and in return he will get drugs and money otherwise he would be imprisoned for 10 years which will mean the end of his life for main hero.

The musical comedy “Keto and Kote” (1948) is based on the classical Georgian play “Khanuma” by Avksenty Tsagareli. A rich Tiflis merchant dreams of becoming relatives with aristocracy that is why he is going to settle his daughter with the old impoverished duke. The girl is desperate because she is in loved with a young poet. The poet is the nephew of duke. Due to the help of the match-maker Khanuma and their friends the young couple manage to get round the old merchant and the duke and to pursue their happiness.

Another comedy at the film festival is the film called “Smile”. It is a story about ten women seven of which are extremely poor and they are desperately struggling to win in the beauty contest among women who have more than three children. The prize of the contest is an apartment and 25,000 dollars. Eventually the beauty contest turns into hell and the women face a dilemma to win or to keep their dignity.

In the program of the festival there is also the documentary film about the Georgian actor Kakhi Kavsadze called “Is There a Theatre?” and biographical drama “Pirosmani” (1969) about the famous self-taught painter Niko Pirosanashvili.

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