Premiere of Nameless Star is being prepared in Kharkov theater named after Shevchenko

New performance – lyrical comedy Nameless Star – is being prepared in Kharkov state academic drama theater named after Shevchenko.

 According to theater representatives, the comedy is staged by the play of the same name by Romanian playwright of the first half of the 20th century Mikhail Sebastian.  The premiere, directed by Oksana Stetsenko, is scheduled on December 11 and 12 at the small stage of the theater.

The events in the performance unfold around an accidental arrival of society lioness Mona to a small town. The local astronomy teacher Marin decides to shelter the lady, who has no place to stay. Feelings, which will never develop into an affair, spark between Marin and Mona.

Mikhail Sebastian wrote the play Nameless Star in 1942. In 1978 the Soviet director and actor Mikhail Kozakov shot a movie of the same name by this play.

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