Israel suggest to arrange direct flights to Kharkov

The Deputy of the Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine suggested renewing the direct flight communication between Kharkov and Tel Aviv. The suggestion was made by the diplomat during the meeting with the officials of the Kharkov City Hall.

 “Communication between people is our primer task. The law of the open sky was passed, that is why the companies do not need any state assurance to fly to Israel. I think we could cooperate in this field with our department of tourism, to initialize one flight a week. You are a million city, and people could fly at an acceptable price to Israel,” – Itskhak Karmel Kagan stated.

The Deputy of the Karkov Mayor Igor Terekhov agreed with the suggestion of the Deputy of the Ambassador, remarking that a lot of Kharkov dwellers have relatives and friend in Israel that is why the direct flights from Kharkov would be popular.

Itskhak Karmel Kagan has also invited the officials of municipal enterprises, representatives of law enforcement authorities, savers, doctors and officers of the other spheres to visit special courses in the city Shefayim which are updated every three months. According to his words it would have strengthened the relations between two cities and would enable representatives of different spheres to exchange experience.

We will remind on November 10 -14 in Kharkov the Days of Israel Culture take place in Kharkov which introduce traditions, national cuisine, cinema and theatre art, contemporary music of the country to Kharkov dwellers.

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