Five alpinists from Kharkov have conquered the peak Mera in the Himalayas

The team of Ukrainian and Russian alpinists climbed the peak Mera in the Himalayas, the height of which is almost 6.5 kilometers. Genadii Kopeika the chairman of Kharkov Regional Center of Alpinism has led the expedition. Except Genadii there were four more alpinists from Kharkov in the team: Pavel Sidorenko, Serei Sukhin, Alexey Biriukov and Vadim Dis.

“The temperature on the peak was approximately about minus 15 degrees. Now the guys will have to make      the climb down to the base camp which is rather difficult,” – the leader of the group Genadii Kopeika told. He also noted that the peak Mera is officially considered the highest tracking peak in Nepal (Tracking peaks of Nepal – NMA Peaks – the group consisting of 33 peaks which are allowed for expedition climbing in Nepal). The peak Mera is much higher than most peaks in America and than any mountain in Europe.

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