Russia and Serbia formed a military alliance

Moscow and Belgrade have signed agreement on military cooperation, in the framework of which the servicemen of the two countries will exchange experience and information and conduct joint military exercises Moreover, according to the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu, the military staff of Serbia will be trained in the Russian military educational institutions.

"Russia and Serbia have agreed to intensify the contacts at the level of General Staffs as well as types and kinds of the armed forces," said Shoigu commenting on signing of the document.

The head of the Russian military said that three more intergovernmental documents were being reviewed, the main of which was the agreement on military and technical cooperation. Participation of the Russian and Serbian officers in the military exercises of air forces and air defense in Serbia and Russia was also discussed.

The head of the Serbian military Neboisha Rodich mentioned that the agreement on military cooperation between Russia and Serbia "will enable Serbian army to become more functional and modern". He emphasized that it was the first visit of the Minister of Defense of Russia to Serbia in 14 years.

"This shows the importance of the moment and our determination to develop strategic partnership in the future. We signed umbrella document, from which the other documents will appear, which will regulate cooperation with the army of the Russian Federation. We count on this cooperation, we believe in it," said the Minister of Defense of Serbia.

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