Alexandr BULAVIN: The very unpopular notes

The other day my young relative, trying to somehow bring down my negative mood instigated by the Bankova provocateurs, explained that the society simply developed a very bad attitude towards the police. Not only that the gloomy, egregious crimes of the police officers in Vradievka (covering up rape of a victim by the police) and other parts of the country outraged people, but also the fact that in everyday life a police patrol can stop a pedestrian on a street for no reason, request to empty the pockets, take money or mobile phone, and sometimes even get the pedestrian up to the police station. The fact that drunken policemen knock down their victims - even at pedestrian crossings - and go unpunished. And this is true.

But there’s also “the 300 Spartans”, as was dubbed a group of internal troops soldiers defending the Presidential Administration, without shields, for four hours against provocateurs, as well as the last night’s action of Bars and Tigr riot police squads who acted so carefully that only several protesters got bruised during the operation on dismantling the barricades. I think all this will somewhat correct the attitude of people towards the police and its actions.

A few dozen protesters were gently taken out of the opposition checkpoints (what a word) and put aside. From being the punitive enforcement, riot police has turned this night into law enforcement. And yesterday they were defending not only the President, but rather the right of the majority not to experience suffering, frustration and inconvenience due to the political outburst. They have become one of the important pillars of restoring order, creating conditions for social dialog.

But in fact, unwittingly, internal troops and Berkut helped both the authorities and the opposition. They released the President from Maidan protest, which he could and should have prevented but, in fact, triggered single-handedly. Another thing. Young and skilled law enforcers freed Ukraine from pesky European teachers. Including the President of Lithuania - the country, the population of which was comparable to the Kiev population, but declined (after the opening of the EU borders) by at least half due to emigration of local Euro-integrators to Europe and the Russians - to Russia. Also, riot police and internal forces by their “compulsion to order” prevented the looming collapse of the country. Amazingly, unlike Eugeny Kushnarev separatist hint several years’ back, followed by the imprisonment, the separatist announcement from the head of Rava-Russkaya town wasn’t condemned either by the Ukrainian “patriots” or by the Ukrainian government or European moralists. The disgruntled voice of the south-east of the country was already heard - criticizing the unrest in the capital, the drift of authority to the west. The voice that demanded to restore the normal running of the country, stop Kiev protesters, return to the previous level of relationship with Russia, especially in the economic segment.

And who knows whether there could be a new declaration, only this time on the left bank of the country, about the desire to join Russia - the experience of Kiev events shows that no one could hold back.

The guys from riot police partially saved the opposition trio from disgrace, too, removing their problem of stopping the blockade of the state institutions, though not the responsibility for their actions and appeals against the existing system. (Interestingly, is it necessary to convince Klitchko, who lived in Germany for 14 years, that any attack on the Bundestag would mean many years in prison?). This, rather than fears for the fate of women and journalists, can explain Yatsenuk’s worries from, ostensibly, some very unpleasant expectations during yesterday's appearance. (Somehow I think that sending people to storm the Presidential Administration or the Cabinet, he didn’t manage to warn everyone that such an offense carries a sentence of up to 8 years of high-security prison).

Actually, though it is idiocy and betrayal, the opposition leaders will not join today’s round table with Yanukovych. Not only because apart from transmitting the requirements of the west they can heat up the crowd only for the demolition of Lenin monument (and this is not original anymore) but also because it is the last thing that can hold at least some of the people at Maidan. It seems that those standing at Maidan tried to correct the opposition’s failure. Was the opposition professional, patriotic and effective with its work in the Ukrainian Parliament, the many trials - fear, frost, disappointment - experienced by people who arrived in Kiev not only to earn money but also to defend their opinions, and by the sympathizing Kiev dwellers, could have been thwarted.

Today we will witness a ritual meeting of four presidents, whose authority in the society is not too high. The final tones of the speeches are quite predictable too: normalization of the situation, immediate appeal to the EU to resume negotiations. This is what the President is likely to promise. Of course, somehow he must explain why empty, dispersing but euphoric Maidan suddenly must be broken up the hard way.

Much to the delight of the guarantor, it seems that the opposition trio is not likely to join the negotiation table. Who is to President Yanukovych for Yatsenyuk, leader of one of the opposition parties? He does not know such surname. On the other hand, Maidan protesters will not remain in place by any other means than via opposition refusing to go to the negotiations. Alternatively, by bringing all the EU leaders to Maidan, who will stand on their knees and ask Ukrainians to come and save the EU from collapse. Not only cold but also the deadlocked position of the leaders, their unrealistic demands and claims, the inability to indefinitely escalate useless psychosis and hysteria in the crowds do not open any opportunities for the national dialog.

However, even if the opposition trinity comes, the President is already likely to have “up the sleeve” the printouts from the servers seized in Batkivschyna party headquarters (otherwise, very resonant assault of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko party staff would not have been carried out). The information from servers will surprise and interest not only the general public, including the global community, but also the law enforcement agencies. I must say that the ill-fated trio have already rather strained the Euro-shepherds. It seems like the latter have done everything to help dumping “the criminal regime”, but the opposition “did not meet the expectations”. And - in an unprecedented event - leader of far-right Tyahnibok apologized to communist Simonenko. I wouldn’t have believed this, even if someone had previously predicted the scenario. Probably, not less than the numerous criticisms of fellow opposition members - intellectuals - the trio was scolded by Euro-bureaucrats. This would send the unfortunate Yatsenyuk back home (for now), INCIDENTALLY, ALSO TO MEZHYHIRIA.

... Meanwhile, vehicles crawl the central city starting to clean the snow, mud, torn flags and other debris. Kiev authorities started to work already during the night. Though the authorities do have a small reserve of time to begin active, vigorous action to restore order and improve the situation in the country. Hopefully, in many areas simultaneously. Otherwise, it will be removed, again.

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